Random Logos

Random Logos - student project

Random Logos - image 1 - student project

Random Logos - image 2 - student project


Im a graduate student in cell biology and an amateur photographer. I love to do designs/logos in general and think this is a really cool class to take for a self starter in design! I have minimal illustrator experience (something im hoping to learn here) so Im just uploading some of my sketches here (the good the bad and the ugly!)  for imaginary companies I thought of. I have no experience with font types and such as well :) I would love to hear feedback about what I could do better and how to improve my range in choosing types and designing logos. Feel fee to give me both the good and the bad!

Some notes on each of the logos are below

1. Elusive Mouse Productions
I love logos of the different production houses that are displayed at the start of a movie. The names usually make little sense so that gives me a lot of flexibility. I chose this name because of how it rolls off the tongue. The image depicts a mouse that has just escaped back into its hole. In the next iteration I might make the tail a little thinner.

2. Double shot espresso
Who doesn't love a good coffee place? Used two font types here and I wanted the coffee in the cup to look like it was sloshing around from when someone picks it up and tilts it

3. Particle Accelarator
Designed for a seed accelerator/venture capital type firm. Name designed to bring about the feeling of speeding things up for your startup just like a particle accelarator would

4. Fireside Racing
Big fan of logos on the side of race cars so thought I would do one. The broken up N in racing is designed to bring the idea of a race track

5. Foot in the door shoes
For a shoe shop. I'm not very fond of this one myself and think it needs a lot more work but thought id include it to see what eveyrone else thought of it

6. Startup ventures
Iim big on tech and starups. This is for another venture capital firm. The arrows pointing upward signify growth and the haphazard nature of the text 'startup' represents the crazy road that startups go through to make and sell their product

7. Typeset Design
For a design company. I was reminded of an oldschool typewriter when I thought of this name and usually over time those things tended to get one or more of the letters a little wonky all the time. The titled S reminded me of that :)

8. Eliminate pest control
Some standard elements - the circle with the line across signifying no. The dashed nature of the letters in the latter half of eliminate is designed to look like something thats going away. Dashes could also bring the image of small pests.

9. Elementary productions
Another movie protduction house. I'm a right handed person and to bring about the childlike writing I wrote this with my left hand. Just the text seemed too plain so I added the rounded rectangle border around it

Sureshot Images
This is a logo that I created for my photography portfolio just in case I decided to go pro sometime ;) The square brackets encompassing SH mean the SH is included both as part of the first four and the last two letters and on second reading you might notice the word can be split up as SURESH SHOT (suresh being my last name). The brackets also serve a second purpose to represent the frame of composition of a photograph. I had trouble getting the text to align perfectly below sureshot and at a point just gave up and let it be assymetrically aligned but yet fit within the width of the square brackets.