Random Household Objects

Random Household Objects - student project

Gosh I love your style Kate - the no nonsense, relaxed attitude you have to teaching is fantastic. I have watched both your classes a few times and am now having a go at them myself starting with this sketchbook spread. 


Santa brought me a big pack of Himi jelly gouache and whilst they are fun and convenient to use, the transparency is notably more than the Royal Talens and Arteza brands I normally use. I say “normally” like I am some gouache veteran I only started almost two months ago. 


Anyway, I slapped on the paint quite thick to achieve a double cream consistency like you said to aim for and it worked out well in the end.  I’m trying to move away from attempted-realism to a much more suggestive, illustrative style and I think in this piece I was happy with a few things. Firstly, my colour palette is quite paired down for me and I used the colours to dirty one another up a little so that they weren’t so saturated (apart from the yellow but even so, its not so vivid in real life as it is picking up on camera here). Also, I quite liked my mark making on the matchbox scratch pad, washi tape roll, buttons and clementine. It was so hard to let realism go! I must try harder! 


I enjoyed having permission to outline things and went a bit crazy (I am somewhat repressed by the memory of my GCSE art teachers forbidding outlying in *anything*!).  Maybe next time I would be more selective with what I outline and try for a finer line.  


What I want to work on is being braver with mark making and that might be helped by choosing more natural objects to do rather than these mostly man made ones?  I think there is a lot of scope for more lovely squiggles and doodles! All in all, this was super enjoyable a good start I feel - I’m definitely going to continue practicing with your suggested techniques, thank you Kate. I hope you make more classes!



Random Household Objects - image 1 - student projectRandom Household Objects - image 2 - student project
Random Household Objects - image 3 - student project