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Kendall Scott

Owner Of random Consumer And Addictive Kaos Artist



Random Consumer,Question Everything.

Name : Kendall Scott 

Location : Bronx NY

Brand: Random Consumer 


Random Consumer Clothing was Founded in 2011 in a hope of bringing social and global awareness in America through urban pop art in fashion. The idea Is to turn everyday Actions Influences and Understandings Into Real Life Art. I am my own production. This allows me to touch every piece of clothing that is sold or given to the understander, I also explain more in depth the reason for the Arts Creation. I sell Everything In person and will have pop Up Shops around the city that will be Listed on my Social Networks. My product pricing is very reasonable ( 10$-30$) and only sold by me. No shops,outlets or online store. My mission is to make exclusive product  that's reasonably priced.


 I Try to Convey three Key Points. Style , Message  and Simplicity 

Sheep run by Wolves Ruled by pigs ( social order)

Hollywood Burn (New York Scavanger with words that can kill)

Chinese New Year ( Celebration of Good Wealth and luck for all) 

Real Boy ( pinocchio's vision of acceptances) 


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