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Germany, 26



Random Character That Came To Mind

What to say, oh what to say, well I like to draw.


I would like your constructive critique. I can only move forward. Thx.

1. Thumbnails

I started out and as warned in the video I did lose myself in details so I changed the brush. If you believe it or not these sketches are most free and dynamic ones I made yet. This is also also the first time I painted characters not drawing them. Very different results, I like that.

2. Refining

So I made the first 2 refined designs and I'm not sure if the tail girl will keep that sword or at least I'm playing with the idea of giving her a kinda butcher knife. I don't know but I'm not really satisfied with the cloth. It's too simple, but I really suck at drawing cloth and I don't have better ideas at the moment. So for now thats what she wears, but I will make changes that is certan.

The cat thing should look like he's been through tough times, but I may change that as well. Nothing is certan. I'm just trying different things. Get a feel for it.

To be continued...


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