Aaron Dickerson

Owner of Random Attraction to Klothing (RAK)



Random Attraction to Klothing Brand ("RAK")

Brand Name: Random Attraction to Klothing (RAK) Brand LLC

RAK Brand is for the movers and shakers of this world. Those with ambition to do something great; not only for themselves but for the people and community around them. It is "Deeper than Clothing"

Location: Dallas, Tx

It all started with a love for innovative design. Then it grew to a love for the fashion industry. Now it's a lifestyle that we live every day.  Random Attraction to Klothing (RAK) started with four guys wanting to be great, not average, not of the social norm. Clean cut, laid back, adventurous and innovative is who we are, and we want our clothing to have those same characteristics.  “Deeper than Clothing”.  More than just fabrics tightly knitted together to make a distinct soft texture. We want to be controversial. One of our favorite quotes is: Life’s too short for Mediocrity. Define who you are; Don’t let your clothes define you. That’s what RAK is all about.


Aaron Dickerson - Founder, Designer, and Creative Visionary  - Determines the best ways to visually represent the company's identity. Head of design projects pertaining the branding of the company; including designs for apparel and website.

Quinton Lee - Co-Founder and Marketing Director - Responsible for planning, developing, and
implementing all of the company's marketing strategies. Includes social media, public relations, and
advertising that will enhance the company's image and position within the marketplace and general public.

Robert James IV - Co-Founder and Director of Operations - Ensures that the company runs smoothly and effectively as possible. Keeps the company on track to reach their objectives and goals.

Slogan: "Deeper than Clothing"

Explanation: We are inspired by the past, present and future of the apparel industry. We want to capture the heart, the minds, and souls of our customers. We want to be able to take this brand further then just the industry of clothing. RAK is here to inspire and create change.

Origin of the Brand Name:

Random – Meaning - Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective; without a governing design, method, or purpose; unsystematically.

  • Some of the greatest creations known to man have been created randomly or without the knowledge that it would someday become what it is during that duration.
  • RAK is about creating purposeless fashion. Fashion with your true thoughts in mind.
  • No one day is the same so why should your fashion trends or what you wear be the same either.
  • It’s about differentiating yourself from the crowd, from the social norm
  • It’s for those who have plans to reach a specific goal, but we all know that outcomes rarely are presence with the original objective.

Attraction - force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation

  • We want to make our clothing interesting; we want to draw customers in with the emotion of attraction.
  • As humans we are all attracted to different things (food, apparel, the opposite sex) based off our objectives or aesthetic senses
  • Aesthetic – having a sense of beautiful. We want our clothes to bring out the pure emotion of people as oppose to intellect - (the faculty of thinking and acquiring knowledge.)
  • We want to entice ourselves to the customer
  • Attraction triggers emotions; Emotions can be dangerous, breath taking, and they can be unpredictable. We want to have emotions within our clothing label.

Klothing - Clothes considered as garments collectively; clothes; raiment; apparel

  • Why “K” instead of “C” – If you were blind and or small child and have never seen the word clothing spelled before. You would think that it started with an “K”
  • Pronunciation –  (klo-th-ing)
  • A satiric misspelling is an intentional misspelling of a word, phrase or name for a rhetorical purpose.  We use “K” instead of “C” to differentiate ourselves from the status quo.
  • The letter “K” routes from the Egyptian symbol meaning open hand. We want to help our customers look the best they possibly can, while helping others in our local community.
  • The letter “K” is strong and sharp. We want our clothing to have that same appeal. Bold and Fine cut (tailored to fit you) 

Mission Statement: Our mission is to establish a reputable brand for designing creative apparel and offer quality products in popular styles at affordable prices, delivered in an efficient manner and time frame.

Website: Raklothing.com - available to the public in Fall 2013

Company Objectives & Goals:

  • Enable media attention that will introduce the brand to consumers much faster than competition.
  • Increase consumer brand loyalty, due to the luxurious comfort of RAK Brand products by continued innovation of new product categories and styles.
  • Develop an ecommerce website that will enables us to market, communicate and build our relationships with the consumer.
  • Become a internationally recognized brand that will serve the community in affective and positive manner
  • Continue to diversify our product offering with new RAK Brand apparel business models in order to benefit from the recognition.

Business Philosophy: We are designers, marketers, innovators, and visionaries of the fashion and apparel industry who’s objective is to develop inspirational products primarily for the young and creativity people with a drive to do great things.

Apparel and Lifestyle brand industry: The fashion industry is highly competitive. We compete with specialty apparel and accessory companies as well as companies with diversified product lines, such as Crooks and Castles, Diamond Supply Co, Obey Clothing, 10 Deep, and many other independent clothing brands

Target Market:

We want customers that love to wear these top streetwear brands. They are some of the best in the industry and if we want to compete then we want to have that same customer base, and loyalty.




Cut and Sew Logo:


Our initial product line will consist of nine unique designs that will effectively identify the brand according to our company’s philosophy.

 T-shirts – Our initial t-shirts will be printed on ring sprung 100% cotton and tri-blend cotton shirts. These shirts will give our customers a soft-comfortable wear every time they put it on. These shirts provide an innovative anti-fade techniques as well as a non-shrink feature. As we expand and grow we want to transition to Organic Cotton, Bamboo or Hemp t-shirts.

 Why these Fabrics:          

  • Eco-friendly - It has no need for pesticides or insecticides, and it grows on rainwater.
  • Socially Responsible – provides a cleaner environment
  • Strong – 200% more durable than cotton
  • Could receive tax breaks for using eco-friendly materials

This is our first collection that will be availble 01/01/2014

What inspired this collection

  • Street Art
  • African American History
  • Different cultures
  • Comtemporary designers
  • European brands
  • Graffiti Artist
  • Controversial public figures and events
  • Historic Icons

Kia Concept: We collaborated with Kia to develope the "Rose Gold RAK" concept car due for release 01/01/2014.



Rak TV

is a centralized social media platform for the underground fashion industry. It will be for those independent clothing brands that want to make a name for themselves.  There is currently not at platform that let’s Indy brands showcase their collections over the web using rich video content. RAK TV will be available for those consumers that want to stay updated on the latest fashion trends coming from the underground apparel market. With print media dying down due to technology advances, it has become more difficult for brands to display their content to their loyal consumers, other than through their own personal website or social media accounts.  Think of it as a Youtube for fashion,that will bring us all together for the greater good of the industry.

The App

The RAK app is design to attract the on the go consumers who don’t have time to shop on a standard computer. It will be free to download, and will keep our customers up to date on the latest apparel and accessories from the RAK Brand.


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