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Alessandro Echevarria

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Ran Dilby

Ran Dilby is really small. He rides a larger animal as a steed. One that is generally much smaller.
Ran likes to Explore and recon new areas of his mostly deserted world.

He's not afraid to head into danger, and is very tenacious when he's cornered, but Ran prefers not to be noticed and to circumvent trouble rather and approach it head on.

He enjoys Pizza, Onigiri, and tends to snack on carrots, his pastimes involve climbing tall things, fast rides under a forest canopy, relaxing, and reading stories of new unexplored lands.

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Here are my first character sketches.

I know I want the character to be somewhat mysterious, being a sneaky forager/scavanger deep forest dweller. So I went with a mask and hood type situation.
Wasn't quite sure how humanoid to go with him.

I guess I'm kind of going with the guy in the upper right corner. I like his little elf ears that always stick out. He's kind of ninja-fied at this point, he's got his little utility belt, and mask for his missions, and his legs just kind of stick out of his torso. 
I guess I could give him some objects to hang off his belt. Ropes, weapons, his mask... Just some thoughts.

I may just skip the Steed idea... I'm starting to get too far into Mononoke Hime/Adventure Time Territory.

Here I'm starting to really hone in on it.

And this is my final sketch which I will render into the final illustration.

I hope to get some more up before the next feedback session.

So here is Ran blocked in and with a nighttime color scheme.

I think he's about ready to go on a mission.

Not done yet, but I'm calling it a day for tonight. Rendered some form and light, let's see how this goes.

I'm really liking this brush, and I'm starting to really get used to this Wacom business.


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