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4/20/14 -- I am having a hard time visualizing the data for Ramen. I did some research on different kinds of ways to present data and I decided that a word cloud was the clearest path at the moment. So I took another go at presenting my research

First draft...still trying to figure out how I want to present the data.

Asian cuisine -> Japanese -> Ramen

  • Hakodate
    • Shio
  • Tokyo
    • Shoyu
  • Hokkaido
    • Miso
  • Kyushu
    • Tonkotsu

The Three Bowls of Ramen…

1. Tokyo Ramen

Origin: Tokyo

Broth: Pork and Chicken

Noodle: Curly, Wide

Distinctive ingredient: Shoyu (soy sauce)

Garnishes: Standard toppings are chopped scallion menma, sliced pork, kamaboko, egg, nori, and spinach.

Flavor profile: Light

2. Sapporo Ramen

Origin: Hokkaido

Broth: Chicken, fish, or pork

Noodle: wavy

Distinctive ingredient: miso (soybean paste)

Garnishes: Stir-fried bean sprouts, cabbage, sweet corn, and ground pork, chashu, soft-boiled eggs, slice of butter

Flavor profile: bold, heavy

3. Hakata Ramen

Origin: Hakata

Broth: pork

Noodle: thin, straight, clingy 

Distinctive ingredient: Tonkotsu

Garnishes: pickled ginger (beni shoga), chashu, wood-ear mushroom, spicy mustart greens

Flavor profile: Intense, milky


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