Ramen Stall

Good day everyone! Not a complete beginner but I did stop using Illustrator for a good amount of time so I'm starting from scratch to relearn the basics and pick up more skills/techniques along the way :) 


For starters, I just use the Essentials workspace and move the layers, color and color guide closer to my artboard since I use those heavily whenever I make Illustrations. I also gather reference materials relevant to my subject and I keep them outside the artboard.   




After gathering all the references I needed, I just made a simple background using shapes and the pen tool so my ramen stall is not just floating in white space. Made the moon with the ellipse tool and the smaller details were just drawn out with the pen tool. 




I made the ramen stall using a combination of the rectangle tool, pen tool and adjusted their anchor points using the direct select tool. As for the shading, I used the pen tool and pathfinder tool to carve out those odd shapes and set their opacity lower and to multiply so its darker. 




I thought the ramen stall still felt quite empty even with the shading so I made some banners, a sign and a lantern to add a little more detail. 




Here's my final illustration after adding more details :) 




This tutorial was definitely a great start and I hope to finish more projects soon :D 


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