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Morgan Wolfman-Corn

Illustrator, Printmaker, Graphic Designer



Ramen Makings

This is my first pattern design, and my first project for myself out of college. 

I'm hoping this two week challenge will help restart my creative drive, losing that college structure, and no more assignments. It was easy to fall into a creative lull. 

Drawing inspration from some of my favorite Japanese animated films, I was going to do a Miyazaki inspired pattern, but while creating my mood board, my mind was set on food, and Miyazaki really knows how to draw the most delicious looking food. 

I think this is just the project to help me get my creativity back in gear.


So I'm having issues getting this project done one time, but I plan on sticking with it, reteaching myself the pen tool, and starting a new job on Thursday, I haven't had much time to work on this lovely project.

Here are my sketches! 





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