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Ramadan Battle Plan: The Ultimate Ramadan Planner


More than a planner it's a guide to help you plan and accomplish your most beneficial Ramadan YET bi'ithnillah!


In 2006, as a new Muslim, I created a planner to help me pace myself while learning Islam and praying on time. Fast forward to 2011, while recovering from a personal tragedy and with Ramadan fast approaching I once again turned to my trusty planner. I overhauled it and called it Ramadan Battle Plan because that is exactly the rallying call I needed to get me in shape.

I released it and people loved it. Alhamdulillah. The very first planners were hand bound by me :) Every year since I've been improving it based on feedback and suggestions from users like you. Ramadan Battle Plan 2014 is a compilation of all that advice. Alhamdulillah. What's inside? In 2012, Rebecca M. suggested I add the Juz of the Qu'ran and a Qur'an reading schedule. DONE! In 2013, Umairah and another user asked for 24 hour time slot to accommodate night schedules both for worship and for those who work at night. DONE! Abdulwaheed M., Karla M. and Emily S. requested a glossary explaining the Arabic words and Rebecca J wanted a larger prayer section. DONE! and DONE!

I’ve spent thousands of hours obsessing over the smallest of details, incorporating your feedback and doing complete redesigns when necessary until I was convinced I couldn't improve it any more and now its ready for you! Alhamdulillah.

I'm trying to help as many people as possible so I will always (insha'Allah) have a FREE complimentary download as my waqf to the ummah. Because finances should not be a barrier to your best Ramadan yet! Bi'ithnillah. It will be released May 1st to my mailing list subscribers and a week later to the general public so make sure you are on the list and keep an eye on your inbox come May. insha'Allah.

Ramadan Battle Plan is a daily planner designed to help you take full advantage of Ramadan.

Measuring 8.25" by 5.25" it has plenty of space to jot notes down while remaining compact enough to be carried in handbag.

Daily view

  • Plan your prayers
  • Record water intake
  • As Ramadan progresses your Sunnah Size it! section increases as each day's Battle Plan is added to the list. Allowing you a chance to build small sustainable habits. Insha'Allah


Monthly View

  • 3 Months: Sha'ban, Ramadan and Shawwal
  • Reminders for the White days of each month as well as Laylatul Qadr (based on the USA days so it may differ for you)

Qu'ran Reading Roadmap

  • Pace yourself to complete your goals
  • Track your progress
  • Each Juz' is provided with the name of the Surah and the verse

 The money will be used to fund the first round of printing, pay for an interactive digital version and to get Ramadan Battle Plan translated into 2 other languages insha'Allah!




I get requests for Ramadan Battle Plan in other colors but unfortunately that has not been a possibility until NOW! Due to the nature of Kickstarter we can take pre orders for a PURPLE version of Ramadan Battle Plan. I will not be selling it outside of this campaign so if you want a purple version make sure you back this project and select that option.




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