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Chas Wagner

Community Manager at RunKeeper



Rally Sports

Rally is a sports merchandise marketplace. As it's a two-sided problem, I'm looking to create two seperate landing pages, one for potential sellers and another for potential buyers. The more important of the two will be the sellers landing page, since I see more value out of bringing on early sellers, rather than buyers.


Headline: Are you sick of selling jerseys on non-sports sites?

CTA: Start selling your jerseys in minutes!

Benefits: We're a sports only marketplace. No Pokemon, no quilts and no more hassle for you. Find and sell to the right customers: the sports fan. More sales at a faster clip means you can enjoy the actual game, rather than managing the selling game.

Credibility: Etsy sellers have already joined. What are you waiting for?

Social Proof: LegitVintage, from Columbus, OH, started selling immediately and hasn't looked back.

Risk Reversal: If your jersey doesn't sell in 30 days, we'll buy it from you.


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