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Chas Wagner

Community Manager at RunKeeper



Rally Sports

1) How would you describe the product in 1 sentence? Sports merchandise marketplace

2) How would you grow the product?

  • Allowing sports fans to participate in group buying (Engine)
  • Sharing your merchandise wishlist and gift list to friends and family, so, they can gift those items for special occasions. (Engine)
  • Turning buyers into sellers (Engine)
  • Turning sellers into buyers (Bump)
  • Ongoing design contests, asking people to vote, not just buy all the time (Engine)
  • Players promoting to their social followings (Engine)
  • Buying for others earn rewards and loyalty (Bump)
  • Design an official t-shirt with a player for the upcoming season (Engine)

3) Which are bumps? Which are enginges? Why are they enginges? Answers above. 

4) Are you getting users to bring in other users? Is that a part of the product workflow? Or is it a hack layered on top?

-Group buying encourages you to bring in others. The more people, the better the deal.

-It's my birthday. Here's what I want. You want a great gift. Your family/friends want to be great gifters.

-Polls and competitios are shared experiences. People want to express their opinion. A vs. B is social

5) The concept is for my new website, Rally Sports. A social sports buying experience.


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