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Rakstar Designs

I've been dabbling in creative work for a few years, and have finally developed enough confidence to try to turn it into a viable business, however small it end up being. I've been operating under the name Rakstar Designs, as it combines my name/nickname with the concept of light, which is key to much of my creative work, whether physical or spiritual.

I hadn't until now sat down to really define my ideal customer. For the most part I have been operating by word of mouth and friend network, so my customers have been acquaintances or friends of friends. When I really thought about who I am, what I make, my creative goal, and my style, this is the moodboard I developed in dreaming up those idea customers.


My ideal customer is not defined by age, but is most likely female (though men are not excluded in my custom design work). She is a woman who is inspired by classic beauty and ideals, feminine, creative/crafty in style (both home and personal). She is driven by her faith and wants to be reminded of and share the love of God with others. She wants to connect to something beyond herself and make the world a brighter place in the process. She may or may not have children, but in her motherhood, seeks to root her children in a confident love.

BRAND NAME: Rakstar Designs

While I have waivered about keeping this name for the business, I think it takes the uniqueness (in this culture) of my name (Rakhi), incorporates the intimacy of the nickname (Rakstar), alludes to light which is a driving force behind my creativity (-star...starlight...), and focuses on the design element which has become central to the products I offer.


This has been my tagline which I have used on and off, and I think with a little tweaking, it could easily become my brand statement.

"Creating with an eye on the eternal. Capturing the whispers of our heart and bringing them to light."

Rakstar Designs creates inspiring images for the home and the neckline that capture the whispers of our hearts and bring them to light. Shop with us and keep your eye on the eternal." 


BRAND NAME: Rakstar Designs

WHAT DO I SELL: Handlettered Prints with inspiring quotes and handlettered jewelry. Also looking to expand into selling some photography prints.

PRICING: Mid range

TARGET MARKET: Women between the ages of 15 - 60 who want to create beautiful spaces that inspire them  and others to share love and light with the world. 

3 WORDS: Handlettering, Classic, Faith/Inspirational



Little Pineapple: Though I don't love the overall design, I love the simplicity of it as a reminder that a logo doesn't have to be complicated

Mica & Co: I like the filigree detailing and the script. The colors give it a bright and vibrant feel, and hearken back to the jewel tones of my Indian heritage.

Art Tree: I love the marbling of the watercolor and the colors which feel light and airy. 

Lovely Days: I like the incorporation of the camera as a focal point to indicate what kind of services/goods they provide. I like the soft watercolor feel, and the colors once again feel classic, light, and airy.

Mandala: Though this isn't a logo, I liked the image because it gives a nod to my Indian heritage, and the mandala could be tweaked into something resembling a star or starlight.

La Buena: I liked the simplicity of the logo with the rays symbolizing light and the halo symbolizing goodness.

Full of Grace: This is my favorite of them all. The colors all convey a feminine, light, and airy feel. The lettering is scripted and classic. I love the watercolor design. I love the play between the brighter, bolder colors and the softer, lighter sky tones. This is definitely my favorite among these.


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