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Rakstar Designs Logo/Brand Development

I've had Rakstar Designs for several years now. Like I mentioned in the previous course, it started out as a photography side-hobby where I would shoot portraits for friends and family. That grew a little to include friends of friends. When I had my son, I stepped back from portrait photography because I was finding that I wasn't able to process the photos as quickly as I liked.

Last spring, I took a Skillshare course about lettering, and fell in love. That led me to take more classes and try my hand at new skills that I had not explored before. Between the photography and the lettering, I've developed a small customer base and am now looking to expand into a small (maybe very small) business to bring in some additional income for our family.

My "logo" has been through several iterations, but I have never before sat down and meticulously planned the process. Here are the "logos" as they have existed.


The top design is my current shop banner. It was designed to provide continuity between my writing, speaking and art. Now that I have been working through the exercises, I'm not certain that is the best direction to go. My writing and speaking have to do more with my Indian background, conversion, and family. While my artwork also incorporates that, its focus is more on love and light. I am considering that perhaps the shop needs an entirely different logo and look. 

What do you think about that? Is it possible to create something that is complementary to the look of my writing and speaking site so people make the connection that it is the same person while still having a new, unique look for the shop? 

I am working on some sketches now and will upload those shortly...


Here are some sketches that I doodled whilst thinking about what I want my logo to say. At one point, the Rockstar Energy drink logo came into my head, so that started to influence my doodling a little bit. Truthfully, it was hard to doodle sketches when I wanted to paint in color.


From those, I found three I really could see moving forward with into a full design. I still wonder if the final will look completely different though. It's so different from what I have done in the past.


After working with my sketches and playing in Illustrator, the project took a little different turn. These are the final drafts. I am just trying to decide which font to go with for the final design...or whether to start from scratch!



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