Raising Sugar Free Kids

Raising Sugar Free Kids was born after two years of trying to filter through the mass of information out there about how to reduce the sugar intake of your family, as well as the reasons to in the first place.

After doing a sugar detox a couple of years ago, my husband and I tried to figure out how to turn it into more of a lifestyle for us and our daughter (and later, our son). But as a busy parent, it was frustrating me how much (often conflicting) information was out there, and despite loving research, I just wanted there to be one place I could go to that would guide me through the process of trying to make my family a "low sugar" one. So I decided to create it myself...


Although the idea had been brewing for a while, raisingsugarfreekids.com was only launched a couple of weeks ago, and I am still very much working it out as I go along. It is not hugely expensive to run, but it is costing enough that I need to make a little money from it just to keep it going, so I'm looking to figure that out from things like this course!

Some parts of the course were helpful, and I am hoping over the next few weeks and months to pay particular attention to what social media platforms are working best for me, as it is simply not sustainable for me to devote my attention fully to the amount I currently have, especially as a full-time mum to two gorgeous but rather attention-grabbing children! As a food blogger, I have mostly been focusing on Pinterest and Instagram so far, and my hope is that these will continue to be the best choices for me! But perhaps Bloglovin' itself will come through...

This is a subject very close to my heart and I am very passionate about it, to the point where I had to create this for the sake of the sanity of close friends and family, whose eyes were starting to glaze as I embarked on yet another sugar-related topic. They have no problems scoffing down the sugar free desserts I produce for them though! ;)

Come browse raisingsugarfreekids.com for recipes, tips, tricks, news, articles and general information.


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