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Raise Your Glass

Let me preface this entire project by saying that I'm still VERY new to calligraphy!

A friend of mine got engaged last night, so I wanted to do something related to the occasion-- simple, cheerful, and celebratory. Perhaps it's because I'm still a beginner, but flourishes are tough for me. I can never really decide where to put them, and I find that when I make some flourishes, they look downright bad. I suppose that skill will come with time, though!

I did a few sketches, but this is what I ended up going with:


Since I don't have a lightbox, I just did a rough faux calligraphy version over the sketch with a felt tip pen so that I could trace it onto other paper.


From there, I traced it onto the paper, and went over it in ink.


I did two variations of both the dot of the "i" and the exclamation point.

It took me a while to get it digitized, because some of what I was doing didn't really match up with Molly's example-- for instance, my letters were a bit grainy after the curves step. However, after messing around with it a lot, I finally ended up with a vector I liked! I made it white and threw it on top of a watercolor doodle I'd done earlier, and that's it!


It's far from perfect, and in all likelihood it's something I'll return to and tweak later, but for now I'm content with it!


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