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Raise Your Flag Loyalty Strategy

1) Target Audience:

Our target audience is composed of guidance counselors, career teachers, student success facilitators and school administrators who recognize the need for specialized programming for work-bound high school students. All groups have a passion for developing curriculum, deployment of tech in the classroom or career counselling.

2) Brand narrative

“Do you know how embarrassing it is when all of your friends are opening their university acceptance letters and you’re sitting there in the corner like an absolute loser, not knowing what to do after high school?”

These are the words I heard from a student named Michael who approached me after hearing me speak to a group of work-bound high school students. Until hearing the presentation, he felt hopeless and lost. He finished by thanking me for helping him see some of the possibilities.
We believe that a student who decides to go to work after finishing high school deserves to be just as excited as the student opening their first university acceptance letter.

Raise Your Flag is for Michael and the rest of the students just like him.

3) Loyalty Strategy:

We create braggable interactions. We treat our administrators like our co-workers, like family. We listen to what they have to say, offer world-class support and surprise them with our product and service.
From sending welcome kits, complete with trophies for administrators, to creating thank-you videos, we make sure our customers are excited about our product and feel comfortable with our company. If they have any trouble or concern, they feel at ease approaching us with questions.
We monitor our success by using a Net Promoter Score, random customer interactions
and through collecting stories of those interactions.

We create a fun product with a friendly interface and captivating copywriting. Students are encouraged and engaged with the content through unlockable achievements, inspiring content and a clear support network.

We will interact with students like humans. We will listen to them and their concerns, we will make sure that every action we take sends a clear message of support and hope for them and their future. We are in their corner every time. Period.

Students will feel excited to share our product and will be rewarded for doing so. Rewards in the form of public recognition, dashboard badges and in some cases physical goods.

4) Create an actionable plan

A. Ship. Continue to build a fun, bold, easy-to-use product with a laser scope focus on giving hope to work-bound students and support to the administrators who interact with them daily.

B. Expertize. We will leverage existing relationships with educators to speak at conferences and shed light on the issues work-bound students are facing. Doing so will help us identify concerned educators (our target) and gain trust from them.

C. Deliver. We will continue to iterate a useful and inspiring product. Our customer service will blow our users away. Our product will deliver measurable results for both administrators and students.

D. Reward. Surprise students and administrators with rewards for progress. This will be achieved through unlockable easter eggs, account badges and physical goods (t-shirts, flags, trophies, decals etc.)

E. Innovate. We will continue to innovate our technology, pushing the boundaries of the type of support we are able to offer both administrators and students. The innovation will overflow from technology and spill into the policies of education.

F. Culture. We are friendly hellraisers. We are loyal to our end users while questioning the status quo. We polarize educators and gain fanatical support from many as well as opposition from a few. We are passionate about every aspect of our business. Our co-workers are family, workdays are family reunions and our product is our baby.

G. Results. Everything we do leads to results. Our administrators see quantifiable results in their schools, students see clear results in their career plans and we see clear results via growth of our bottom line, our culture, our fans and our impact.

5) Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is rooted in our product and in our customer culture.
Raise Your Flag stands out amongst other career planning software because it is designed for students first. From copywriting to CTAs and photography, we appeal to our students users first and foremost.
Because we genuinely strive to bring value to our end-users, the support we offer the program administrators is second to none. We offer suggestions of how to use the software in the classroom, how to build curriculum around it and how to effectively build a support network for students.

6) Success Metric

Success is measured in three ways. One, Net Promoter Score. Two, customer growth vs customer satisfaction and three, social impact.


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