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Rainy Parallax

This class desmystified alot of something i've been trying to self-teach myself through the help of random youtube videos here and there. Thank you for helping get the closest i've come to getting this the way i'd like to.

This is from a photo taken awhile ago while it was raining. To add something extra to the movement I also added some subtle raindrops and static overlays to ehance the overall feel.

My toughest obstacle to get over was when it came time to put my subject into 3d space, for some reason he would disappear so as you see him now he is actually 2d object. However the more i practice this technique I'm sure i will figure it out.  Cant wait to do more with this! Any feedback would be appreciated, and goodluck to everyone else working on their projects!

My class project.

Frankie Perez


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