Rainy Green Girl

Rainy Green Girl - student project

Rainy Green Girl - image 1 - student project

Rainy Green Girl - image 2 - student project



^^^More Pencil Work from me in the above photo !


So this started out as a Draw_Along to Gabrielle's "Pencil Portrait" class, BUT as I never leave my drawings in Pencil State...Never....I absolutely always finish it in IndiaInks, BallPoint and WaterColours !

The result is totally inspired bu Gabrielle's advice, I chose an easy to follow reference: one source of light, shadows can be easily identified on the reference and delimitated in geometrical shapes that can be easily managed further along !

The character's position isn't difficult to follow and the head can be broken down into planes, which helps with proportions, depth and placing the eyes, nose, mouth and shadows, of course !

So, even if it's not literally a pencil portrait, Gabrielle's discipline and advice rergarding important aspects I wouldn't have taken into consideration otherwise HAVE Fueled my Creative Fire.....I have been working intensely on this drawing for three weeks now and I am very satisfied with the result !!!!

Thank you so much,  Gabrielle !!!!!!!Rainy Green Girl - image 3 - student project

Cristian Ilie
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