Raine | Skillshare Projects

Aaron Rowell

artist, designer




First Sketch, I'll have to knock back some of the details to bring out the feminity.


Continuing with teh inks, they're probably 90% done, a few things need tightening up—I'm struggling wiht keeping the ink lines smooth, they keep getting jittery on me.


Working on blocking in and paiting. I like the technique taught here, but it's going to take some getting used to.


This is always the stage I get frustrated with the most. I'm unsure where to adjust and improve, but I can tell something is off.

Trying ot get everything blocked in. I'm happy with the skin, but I fear, I've goofed up the expression from what I've intened, she's much more upset than I intended. I still have some finishing touches to her desing before I call it done.


I feel pretty good after coming back to this and touching up the mouth and the eyes to get a more michevious expression.



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