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RainMM - Real time information about rainy days

RainMM is here! 

RainMM is an app to people who is hungry for any kind of information. With RainMM you'll know all the precipitation conditions for the next five days. Imagine the power of  predict the future for people who need of sunny or rainy days to work or to have fun. Plan your day according to the climatic conditions and never be surprised by that raging rain!

  • How RainMM will help you:

RainMM is not an another ordinary weather app. RainMM will not tell you if next days will be heat or freezing. RainMM goes a little bit deep about the rain information for your days. Imagine live in a city like Porto Alegre in Brazil. We have many problems in rainy days: traffic goes crazy, the public lighting and signage simply stop working depending on how much rain is falling. We have flooding issues, and dude, on the winter rains a lot here!
Not to mention the heat. It's so hot here in Brazil. Sometimes we pray for some rain to freshen a little bit our days.

Now, given this insane tropical scenary, imagine an app that tells you how the things will go happen in the next days. You open the app, he get your location and show to you the probability of rain in the next five days with the quantity in milimeters of water who will fall in our heads. Simple like that, but too powerfull by the circunstances too!

  • Images, sketches and everything more

Current working app:

Next UI implementation:

Some sketches:

  1. Current implementation:

  2. Next UI

  3. Location management

  • App Video


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