Rain - student project

I just did an update to the story. I tried to follow the instructions, considering, that I have no experience in stroytelling. The drawings are still the old one, that are not  following completely the story. Thank you everyone for stopping by!

- Rain -

A long time ago in Elfenrainyland have been 2 very good, young, but very different friends, Milo and Lexx.

Lexx is a strong and self-confident, but stingy young elf, who always has difficulties to control his emotions, and always dreamed to become a Rainman (spread rain on earth), opposite to Milo which is a friendly, noble-minded, freehearted, generous elf who loves to help everybody. But Milo is not the bravest elf.
Milo loves to swim and even he's not allowed he goes from time to time on earth to swim into a lake and only his best friend Lexx knows about it.

They were playing all the time together and have been inseparable during their training for the Rainman position, where they've been the best, until one day when the King decided to replace one of his older Rainmans in his duty.

The one that got choosen was Milo, that received the Rainman title and also a magic wand to increase his magical powers and be able to control the rainy boat.

And because of this he lost the friendship of Lexx, which was very jelous.

The new Rainman was very devastated, loosing his friend, and trying to find a solution for the situation went on earth to swim in his favorite lake, which always was a source of inspiration and relaxation for him, without knowing that Lexx is following him.

As Rainman jumped into water, the magic wand felt off the ground, from where Lexx took it, with the intension to attaint Rainman. This way he was forcing Rainman to sell the rain to the peasants on earth, fact that should make everybody change their opinon about Rainman.

And because of this Rainman felt destroyed and discouraged. He couldn't believe that Lexx could go so far.

For a while he did what Lexx was telling him, asking to be paid in order to let some raindrops fall, feeling bad for what he was doing and more and more discouraged.

Until one day a peasant came and asked with tears in his eyes for some more rain over his field, because the 7 children and the pregnant wife were starving at home. He already payed all his savings a few days ago for some rain, but it needed more.
Lexx wasn't at all interested in the peasant's story and just turned around and left, while Rainman felt his heart broken. He couldn't accept what Lexx was doing with him anymore. He felt furious for the first time in his life.  He had to find the courage and a solution to escape and bring things in order.

That night, while Lexx was sleeping under a tree on the ground, having the magic wand at his belt, Rainman grabed a tree branch and using the string from his cloud boat he made a lasso, catched the wand and pulled it up into the cloud boat, leaving Lexx there sleeping.

Ever since that day Rainman took good care of the planet earth. He never left the wand unattended anymore, even he still was swimming in his favourite lake on earth.

Being ashamed about what he did, Lexx disappeared, but Rainman didn't give up the thoughts, that one day they will meet again and their friendship will start all over again.

Rain - image 1 - student project

My drawing skills are not so good, sorry about that... I'm also not sure how the presentation should look...

Explanations: The banana boat in the sky is a rainy cloud. Rainman is waiting there to the water pump for the sign that he's allowed to produce rain.

Backgroundstory: An evil guy (Lexx) convinced the Rainman to make an exchange with the peasants for the rain, because the peasants were complaining all the time, that is raining too much. That way everybody should receive as much rain as they need.

Because Rainman has a big heart and wants everybody to be happy, accept the deal with Lexx, having him as a negociator with the peasants. Because the money have no meaning for Rainman, he doesn't have the control over the situation. Lexx is manipulating Rainman.

Story: A peasant comes to Lexx and offers him his savings, because he needs water on his field to have the grains growing. He has a family with 4 children to feed and without harvest they will not make it through the winter.

The money are not enough for the hole field and because he has nothing more to pay, Lexx turns around and goes away. But Rainman was seeing the hole story from his cloud and he didn't like it.

In the night, while Lexx is sleeping, Rainman realises that Lexx is cheating on him and decides to finish the deal and return to his old principles of spreading the rain.