Rain in the painting "Coll" by Melinda McCarthy Art of Melush


ok, so I decided to make one of my paintings rain!!! I first tried as a gif, but the colours went a bit flat so kept it at a slightly higher res, but then too big to load here, so thought I would just do a video and then there could be sound too ;) oh and I made it square so not too much would be cropped from original.

Video would not load here either, so am pasting the link to it instead, but very happy with how it turned out, used all effects THANKS Noel :D


original painting can be seen at  http://artofmelush.com/paintingpages/coll.html

Just a note for those with windows whose computers loaded to windows 10 - quicktime would not work boo windows 10!! So, if you have premier as well, just export it to premier and then export to media, in the media options you can choose the output as the same setting recommended for the quicktime and it makes an MP4 in a nice small quicktime size that DOES work on windows 10 and everywhere online Hooray!!!


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