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Rain Bunny

First I would like to say thank for the reintroduction to pen nibs. I had mine unused for some time now and I found a new appreciation for them. It's hard to go back to multiliner and micron pens after the versatility a quill pen can provide. Here are some quick and fun doodles to warm up using various pen nibs.

Afterwards I wanted to use a calligraphy brush for my project, but the one I had purchased was a bit more thick than I prefer to use so I used a different brush for my final project. Here is an image I did up using the calligraphy brush.

Now to the actual project itself after some tests and warm ups.

I started out real quickly thumbnailing some concepts I have been playing with lately. I wanted to keep things fairly simple for this excersise yet still have fun with various textures and line weight.

My process for transferring a drawing over to board is slightly different, but I love hearing different artists approach and their own process.

To start of my project, I first copied my thumbnail and enlarged it to print at the size I wanted. After getting the copy, I turn the page over and start going to town on adding soft charcoal behind the drawing. You want the charcoal to be soft and have easily come back off to be able and both transfer the drawing easily and clearly and then also to easily erase any charcoal residue left behind.

I particularly dislike using ball point pens for anything, but for this instance, they come in handy. It's important hear to have a nice, hard tip. I retrace the copy that has charcoal on the back side over a sheet of inking paper of your preference. Having a separate color pen can help see where you have already traced.

You don't want to trace all the details over, just the imformation you think you'll need for the inking stage. After I finish tracing, I'll remove the copy and set it aside to use as my excess ink paper (you know, to recycle). Now I  have transferred my drawing over succesfully to my inking pad. I used vellum for this practice.

Now you can go ahead and ink your impression while keeping the original aside.

I loved this class. Thank you.


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