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Ragnarok attempt

I have always like Ragnarok's game anime illustrations so i thought i give it a shot with this wallpaper that i loved so much

Okays it looks kind of off but i hope it looks okay. I cant wait to get it digitize so i uploaded my progress first.

I tried to mimick the exact clothes that she's wearing but somehow the boobs looked weird no matter how much i draw it so halfway through i changed it to a normal hoodie t-shirt(also cause thats easier to draw than her sexy outfit). I omitted the eagle and replaced her boots with this pair of high cut sneakers which i always wear. The face looks kind of different from the original picture (it must be the eyes). It turned out somehow okay so i left it as it is. Okays her left hand look kind of weird i know, i couldnt find a good hand reference for it. I will edit the hand later on.

Feel free to comment ^^


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