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Ragged Round Galaxy

This was a really fun class!


Here Is my transparency worksheet. Blue was my least successful, I should have practiced it more!


(The red square are just some Hanko tests from before, not part of this project)




Gradient/pulse/precision Page:

Precision was difficult, it felt like the water was drying from my brush to fast to do very long of a line, luckily continuing the line wasn’t too difficult. blue again was the hardest, also the first.




Experiment page:

This was really fun! I used isopropyl alcohol instead of bleach because I had it handy, had a neat effect when using a lot of pigment.




Galaxy Page:

I was most excited to learn how to mix colors and still keep a lot of those watercolor edges. Black ink seemed to also dry lighter than it originally appears (maybe it just dissipates more over the time it took to dry)


Really great class! Look forward to the next in the series!


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