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Angelica Ovcharenko

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Hello! I'm in love with this class, it's really awesome!

Very nice technique of coloring. I used it in my Windy the Doll illustrations. And then I wanted to do some scientific illustration.

Choosing the theme

I read now the book "Science of Interstellar" by Kip Thorn. And in this book he written about how plants get their carbohydrates from CO2 and water. I asked my husband to explain me this process better (he read me the book) and I said that I need my sketchbook to draw some sketches to understand better. I often need to draw something to understand it better.

Here my sketch:

And then I decided to draw it better for this class.

I found pictures of leaves an roots and make some sketches:


But then I understood that I don't understand this process very good. I tried to read more about it and google for photosynthesis and I come up with that I become understand even less)). But when I drew plants I remembered one cool plant that inspired me some time ago. Giant flower! When I saw picture of it I was impressed.

Giant flower! What smell he has got I thought?

Guys, it has a smell of corpse meat. It's a parasite flower that lives on lianas and by it's smell he attracts some flies to pollinate it! And the name of this weird flower is Rafflesia.

I decided to draw it because when I told my friends about that plant they said that they don't knew about it before. I think there are many people who don't knew this plant.

I like this photo of guy and rafflesia from the Internet:

He show how big the flower is.

I decided to use man in my drawing, that will show how big the flower. People can see how big it is by comparing the size of man and size of flower. I made a sketch:

I decided that it would be funny to make man cover his nose to avoid the awful smell. And I added some information about flower from Wikipedia and added a fly who thinks that flower smells good. Because for someone this flower actually smells good. It's a pity that not for us.

Also I wanted the man to look like a naturalist. I remember from somewhere this hat, but I'm not googled anything like this hat. I found pictures of naturalists and noticed that they may have shirt with lables and may wear shorts. And color of their clothes are green and beige.

Then I go to Photoshop and do the rest part in it. I redraw lines and make the fills and hatching. Here some steps of my work:

I use some dirty color to show that this flower is like corpse. But now I'm not so happy with this color palette. But here my final drawing for now:

I tried to make colors brighter in Photoshop, but I think that it is better to make good colors at the time when you start to put them on drawing. And I also took a photo of watercolor spot and make a texture from it. I applied it on clothes of a men and on middle of flower.


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