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Radical Typography

09/20 UPDATE

Yesterday I just felt like wiritng the way I feel spontaneously. Its crazy how I thought for a minute before I even put that pen on paper about how that word should flow. What I am trying to do by writing these small messages to self is just be spontaneous and let the words flow on the page without thinking much. I plan to continue this attempt until I just kill the crit within and make stuff. 

Step2: Marks!

All I know is I had so much fun making these marks that I couldn't take many pictures. But here are few I tried to take in between.
I look forward to some suggestions from James and the awesome skillshare community. Will soon upload more marks!


Here are some of my marks I made yesterday. Will be uploading more soon...

I am a right handed person but to really surprise myself I decided to make marks with my left hand. I used a compressed chacoal  and oil sticks to create these marks. The first charcoal one on the left is done with right hand and you can see the difference. While using the oil stick i spilled some water on couple of papers to see how it changes the effect, completely random thought.

It was fun to see the results but I think there is a repetation in the other marks. I want to surprise myself which wont happen in a day. So will be making more of these eveyday until i find something new, "that child" in myself. Thanks James Victore! 

Step1: Inspirations

I spent sometime thinking about where I can find inspirition and reflecting on what James Victore has to say in this class. Feck Perfuction really made me think about a lot of things. I come from an architecture background and many times we drew a free straight line so many times until we reached to a point that the free hand drawn straight line looked like sombody drew it with ruler. I now say Feck Perfuction to that. I think its good time to unlearn everything I learnt during architecture and now, while doing masters in Design. 

So the question was, where do I look for inspirations? I have a 4 year old nepew and I love his drawings. First thing I did was to ask his parents to send me some of his drawings. And these are few amazing marks he has made from age 2.5 or 3-until now.


I kept looking around me for more inspirations and reached Brooklyn Bridge and found some type inspirations. These handwritten notes people leave for many reasons.  I dont think people while writing here thought about the beauty in their letters but just made something that would be memorable for them. 

Looking at some trucks and different scripts used on trucks in India. I dont know yet how I am going to use this but there is beauty in these randomly painted trucks by local people. 

I collected some more inspirations from the designers and artists that inspire me and looked into some work James mentioned in this class.

Here are some work that inspire me. These are work of James Victore, Christopher Wool, Richard Serra, Franz Kline, David Carson, Henryk Tomaszewski, Anish Kapoor, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Alan Fletcher


I will now move forward and make my own marks....


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