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Radical Self-Care

Day OneI currently provide private and group sessions to women (and some men), mostly via phone/Skype. I help people with emotional/spiritual issues, using intuition and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Most of my marketing is through Facebook.

In my new/evolving model, I am focusing on creating a website that truly represents the people I serve, who I am, and how I can help. The site will be at the core of the rest of my marketing. I also intend to create more in-person work in the form of groups, workshops and retreats.

ASSETS: human-facebook communities, Sarah Hutchison Nicotra (who is coaching me as I create the new site), my neighour, a professional musician who has offered to put music into my recorded guided visualizations, my current clients who are happy to provide testimonials. physical-laptop, account with SoundCloud, my camera (as I take most photos for the images on FB and that will be on my site)

MY CUSTOMER: Most often a women (although I have male clients as well) who sacrifies SELF as she/he gives to the world, and is open to the idea of giving generously to both!

HOW MY BUSINESS IS UNIQUE: Two days per week, I offer private sessions on a Pay-What-You-Can basis. Clients who are in a finacial position to do so, pay the suggested amount, and those with financially difficult circumstances pay less. Also, I'm inviting people to recognize that they can give generously to themselves AND the world. I affirm the brilliance of that belief, and show them ways in which they can live that way.

WHAT PART IS HARD: Like many self-employed people, I have had trouble organizing myself. It's much better since I hired a coach! And this class will surely help!

HOW I'LL REPEAT THE MODEL: take the core message from the new site, and send it out through FB page, newsletter, video, speaking to groups.


I'm a freelancer who's learning to hire help ( a coach and classes like this one). Over the next couple of years, as I create products, I'll be wearing the entrepreneurial hat as well.

Here's what I'll do:

  • To ensure a steady stream of work -finish the site, continue to work with my coach, build interest with former clients and ask for them to share on FB and elsewhere, update my contact list and send out newsletter
  • Create an environment where you don't go crazy and melt - create a work schedule for private session days, marketing days and creation of products days, establish "days OFF!"
  • Consistently raise your prices, increase the quality of your work and generate a waiting list for your time (at the same time) - since I'm committed to offering private sessions regardless of financial circumstances, I am limited those to two days per week, adding group sessions with a fixed fee, and offering an all-day intensive session (at a fixed fee)

Hire help as my income permits .


I need money to grow my business, to travel and participate in classes etc.

I expect to see an almost immediate increase in cash flow from investing in my own personal and business growth (because that has been my experience thus far)

I do expect it will take me a couple more years to achieve the income I would like.

Right now, my clients are funding my growth. I can imagine as my number of contacts increases, I would be able to use kickstarter .I believe many people would be willing to contribute to a project that provides emotional/spiritual support to those in need.


  • Who are the first employees you need - I need, and have hired, a coach to help me build my website and articulate my brand.
  • Where will you find them - I found her through a friend
    and we're a wonderful fit because I fit HER ideal client profile. I love what she's done with her own marketing, and with others I know.
  • She offered a free initial chat, so I was able to ask questions, specifically about what I need help with. I've had one session and will have two more. My intention is to have my website complete by the time I finish working with her (and then likely hire her again for subsequent projects)
  • And, oh yes, she definitley explores the edges of a new universe!


I tend to get hung up on exercises like this, and I know I'll be coming back to it as I get more clarity. I decided to name the three areas in which I offer my services.

Private Sessions~Youmeandspirit

Group Sessions~Groupmagic

One-Day Intensive Private Sessions~Selfloveimmersion


Most of the partnerships I've had involved trading of skills, gifts, etc. As I build my new site, I want to be able to offer recordings, some for free and some for money. I'll be collaborating with a musician and have just begun to talk with him about money. We will definitely be doing this based on percentages of whatever profits come in.


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