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Radical Honesty And No B.S.

What is dawning upon me as this era of hyper-evolution and exponential increase in the rate of information transfer is accelerating, is that the rarest, highest value and most difficult asset to come across in the business world is going to be Pure Unadulterated 100% Columbian Never-Been-Stepped-On Truth. Why? Because any skill that was once out of reach has "smart" software or a training program coming out that automates the process or cuts down over 80% of the learning curve. i.e. PPC campaign managers, and Skillshare respectively.

The fundamentals of any new skill are at our fingertips and the main issue is now simply a question of where an artist or entrepreneur (for those still stuck in 2013) can invest their very limited time from the 24 hours we are all given each time we see the sun.

In the example of my group of rather business-minded friends where we each own our own businesses, we can all pick an industry we know absolutely nothing about, let's say mobile apps, randomly assign each person a division they are going to be in charge of

a. Sales

b. Customer service

c. product development

d. accounting

e. marketing.

In a matter of weeks each person can learn the fundamentals of their division via youtube tutorials, free and paid information programs (some of which are just SUPERB, google Eben Pagan and just absorb whatever you can) and tiny tests of trial and error, then hire specialists to manage each subdivision.

i.e. customer service has subdivisions of

a. returns/exchanges

b. clients calling to leave testimonials

c. quality control calls


Sales has subdivisions of

a. Retail

b. In-home

c. Online

With this foundation, it is possible and relatively easy to run a fairly complex and robust organization with only one variable that we cannot purchase, outsource or pick up from a book/program. And that is is Radical Honesty And No B.S. It is important to note, in this particular case we clearly did not assign an individual their division based on any particular skillset, we were simply allowing the amount of available information in the world be their teacher, and the willingness to bring the most they could back to the table. By the way, most skills have turned into a cheap commodity that you can purchase for $5! (see www.fiverr.com). While there is a graphic designer that is charging $500 for a company logo a few blocks from where I live, there is also a handful of designers on the site that are asking only $5 for a similar service! (Sure, the $500 logo may be a better logo, but good luck convincing yourself, me or anyone else that it is 100 times better!) What is left that you cannot put a price tag on?

The Truth.

The Truth when you ask your marketing director, "How are our ads performing?" And whether he can give you an honest answer and say, "You know, for the amount of money we've invested, we were hoping to convert 1.5% of our visitors into leads but we were only able to do 0.7% What do you think we could do to raise this number?" You need his Radical Honesty And No B.S., because like we've mentioned before, you only have 24 hours per day. If 8 of them are gone, due to sleep, 2 of them go to your hygiene, and you still want to have a life left, you probably don't even have 1 hour each day of the week to sit down and meticulously review your ad performance, which he is given the whole workday to manage.

The Truth when you ask your head of customer service, "What is the general consensus for how our customers are feeling after listening to our quality control calls?" And the answer is, "Man, there is definitely a sense of let-down after the product is delivered, maybe we need to up the presentation or throw in a bonus to give these people more bang for their buck," rather than a weekly evaluation sheet where he hands you a excel template with 4 stars marked because he didn't feel like "getting into it" and describing his true concern filling out this weekly evaluation on a Friday afternoon. 

Radical Honesty And No B.S. is the ONLY thing left that will separate your brand from the rest of the world and ironically, the one thing that connects you more deeply and closer to everyone around you.


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