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Radical Genius

My name is Roger and I am a designer living near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
I am a big fan of James for some years and am rather exited about this project.
I love his aproach to type and the way he uses handdrawn marks as part of his designs.

The idea I have for this poster is to make people aware of the way we consume and how everything is money-based. Which is unsustainable if we continue this way.
It is only a first idea and will probably change along the way. 

First some references from some of my design heroes in a random order:

Jean MIchel Basquiat

David Carson of course. A true master of radical typography. This is a page from his Trek book.

This is a page from Emigre magazine. They were published between 1984 and 2005.
I am lucky to have some in my archive.

One of my favourites is UK based designer, artist and illustaror Neasden Controle Centre.
He really makes me forget all the rules and just play!

A great Dutch artist called Kees Salentijn. With his loose drawings / paintings.

Don't forget Julian Schnabel.

I could go on for a while but I think you see some simelarities.


Let's start with marks I made without to much thinking ...

With pencils ranging from B2 to B6.

With a black pen and oil pastels.

With a B6 pencil ( one of my favourites).

With soft pastels.

A wonderful quote from Woody Allen done with black oil pastels.


OK, this poster attempt is a cellebration of a genius singer-songwriter. Yes I admit, I am a big fan for years now and this way I can give something back to Roy.
I used a background scan, pastel and  pencil marks.
I have annother version comimg up. Tell me what you think.

Here is number 2 of my Roy Orbison tributes.
This one is done using a big dry brush. You get a dramatic and radical look.
I try to let the typography do the work, the brush is the star and needs the full attention in this image.

This is the last poster version which is a blow-up from a blow-up from a copy of a photo. You get this great effect. And you can even see the face if you look from a distance. The type is done with a marker.
Hope you enjoy this.
James, thanks again for an inspirational class!


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