Rademaker Crest

Rademaker Crest - student project

I designed my family crest pretty much following all of Draplin's steps.  I did a brainstorm and looked at a variety of related images and created an ideas board.  Then I crafted the individual pieces trying to keep things as simple and precise as possible.  I finished up with a crest both in colour and in monochrome.

Here they are:

Rademaker Crest - image 1 - student project

Rademaker Crest - image 2 - student project

The name Rademaker means "wheel maker" so I made a wagon wheel the basis of the crest around which it is all constructed.  My father is of Dutch origin, hence the windmill.  My mother is a Kiwi, so I included a Kiwi.  The silver ferns in the monochrome version are also symbolic of New Zealand, where I live. 

The banner includes part of a Bible verse from the book of Joshua representing my family's faith and trust in God.  The five arrows are representative of myself and my four siblings; this is taken from a Bible passage that likens children to arrows in a quiver.  Finally, I took the colour scheme from a crest that my father had made for my family - not a traditional one, but one he requested.  New Zealand sports teams all use black, white, or silver (except for our cricket team which occasionally uses beige as well), so I thought a monochrome version would be quite fitting as well.

Rademaker Crest - image 3 - student project

Rademaker Crest - image 4 - student project