Rad learns GTD (Again)

update: 2013.11.15

Been thinking about how I can slowly get into the GTD process. I realized that inasmuch as I would want to have all my inboxes zeroed out (processed and filed). I don't think I can do it right this moment. GTDing for me is a slow process. I have to gradually adapt all of the steps into my life. 

Chalk it up to 20 years of bad habits in disorganization, jotting it on numerous notebooks that I don't get back to, writing on pieces of paper all around me that I always lose and constantly relying on my brain for everything (so wrong!). 

After receving feedback both from Tiago and Abriel, I realize this:

GTD is a philosophy. It's not a rigid hardcore rule. The principles are there to serve as a guide to how we can adapt it into our life.

Don't feel frustrated if you occassionally fall of the wagon. Maybe your just doing it too fast. adapt it slowly and eventually you'll find a system that will work for you. :) 

As for me, I'm happy to say that although I am working on my Capture phase (I still don't know how to process all these open loops, I'm pretty sure that it's all uphill from here.)

I feel great!

update: 2013.11.11

Hello Classmates!

I have falled off the wagon. I haven't been updating my project as often as I would like to, but good news is I am getting things done, which is the point of the project right? I have processed my 50 opened loops but I still feel my brain is still cramped with stuff. So, I may have to go thru *another* spring cleaning. I am trying to take it slow and not plow through all the videos all in once sitting. I am rewatching the some videos to see what I missed. I feel that I am doing something wrong. 


There aren't enough hours in a day, Or so I thought, it turns out, I maybe mis managing my time doing things that I *think* are necessary but in reality, aren't. I am stuck on a non-work work loop. which can be very stressful and frustrating. 

I enrolled in this class primarily to be able to double (maybe triple) my time. 

Here goes nothing.

Phase 1 : I took the GTDLab Diagnosis Test. Just by merely answering the questions I knew that I was not going to be happy with the results. Lo and behold, here are my results 

Collect : 4 Danger

Process : 3 Warning

Organize : 4 Danger

Review : 3 Warning

Do : 4 Danger

Suffice to say, I think I did pretty bad.  What are your results?

update : 2013.10.19

I now have 50+ open loops inside my inbox. I guess this is the perfect time to move on to Phase 2.


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