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Hi everyone,
I’m Melanie, 26, french (sorry for my english ;) ), living in Paris.
I studied graphic design and realized that I was more fond of the printing process.
Now I’m working in a reprography (a bit like a printing house but with laser printers, not as fun as the big machinery of printing houses) and I love that !
I work as a freelance graphic designer too because I still like it, but not as much as my fulltime job !
I’m in love with DKNG since I discovered them and was very happy when I learnt that they were giving lessons !
So, I tried with a puffin, for the colors and simple shapes, but was not very happy with the result, it is cute as I wanted but very flat.

Here is what I made with a racoon, it is very flat also but I like it. What do you think ?

Initial sketch and pictures


First attempts with colors


Then I thought about Meiko from Pocahontas, so I put on jewelry


But with these colors he looks like a red panda doesn't he ?

And the result :


Thank you for your future feedbacks :)


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