Racin Fanatic

I am looking to put together a site that could be used by a race team as a check list to ensure that the hauler is properly stocked with Nuts (mechanical fasteners not us crew member types) Bolts, cleaners, spare parts etc. As well as a method for documenting our setups, example tire compound (hardness), stagger camber tow etc along with relavant enviromental data temp humidity etc. This app would only be available to those with responcibilities to the team. However there would be a public portion that would outline progress and allow for tweets amongst fans signed up.

example of a team tweet during the event "we time trialed tonight 5th quickest. we will start in position 6 of heat race 3."

finished position 2 in our heat race changing tire pressures for the feature event starting 7th

and fans could tweet back encouragement or advice.


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