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Rachel's Pirate Dude

Hi! I know I'm kind of late to this class, but I've been sketching and sketching and sketching trying to land on a character I really like.  Still in the beginning stages, but I'm chugging along, and I need to post something so I stay on track! 

At first I wanted to do a crabby grandpa pirate, but I thought he just ended up looking like a typical old pirate.  Then I thought I wanted to do a mermaid, but I just ended up not feelin' that.  

Here's a sketching blooper of mine, with an old man pirate taking a break on a boulder because he has indigestion. He doesn't even notice the pretty mermaid that's next to him.   

Lol here is another blooper.  I was getting kind of frustrated with this guy's torso, so I just turned him into a cross-dresser that apparently stole this womans purse. 

I finally landed on this kinda egg-shaped body look, that I think I really like.  It seems more cartoony and exaggerated and playful than what I was sketching before.  Made a couple of variations...

Don't know which guy will be the lucky one to take to rendering yet!


So I chose the pirate dude with the bottle of rum.  Just made some minor adjustments to the sketch. Wanted to make it look more like he was cradling the bottle.  Also worked up the feet a bit more because I just have difficulties with drawing feet.   Bleghhh...feet and hands. Here it is as the shapes file:

And here he is as a rendered being:

I'm not really the best with shadows/highlighting, but I'm getting there!  I could probably sit and work on this for HOURSSSSS.  But, alas, I have other stuff I need to accomplish.  Hopefully I can work on this a little more this coming week.  I'm open to any suggestions. 


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