Rachel's Class Project

Rachel's Class Project - student project

Thanks for a great class! I took your figure drawing class previously, and you told me about this class, which I finished as well. Really enjoy your teaching, will look into your other classes too!

Funnily enough, I'd finished the book "Drawing on the right side of the brain" before I started this class, and I found it difficult and tiring. This class, though many if not most of its ideas are included in the book as well, made it much easier for me to get up and do the practices myself. Thanks for that!

I have placed below images of the work that I did while taking this class. I must confess, I didn't always follow the rules, but I'll explain what I did do below.

This is the image I chose to draw upside down (not a great choice, but the result was very fun):

Rachel's Class Project - image 1 - student project

This is a contour still-life sketch I drew (although it was hard for me to patiently follow along the lines):Rachel's Class Project - image 2 - student project

In this statue drawing, I tried to capture light and shadow, to little success:

Rachel's Class Project - image 3 - student project

I drew dancers for figure drawing, which was my favourite part of the class!

Rachel's Class Project - image 4 - student project

Below are two more sketches I made over the course of the class. One, drawings of hands while studying their shape carefully:

Rachel's Class Project - image 5 - student project

Another still life I drew, inspired by the class:

Rachel's Class Project - image 6 - student project

Thanks again!


Collage Artist