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Rachel Doll's 4 Cards, 3 simple, one a bit edgy

The cover photo is my first design. I wanted something that looked clean, but slightly fun too. That is why I chose Futura, and used the purple/pink color. I also chose that color because it is the complimentary color to my last name. I tend to drop my last name on some projects, and that is why it is in black while the rest is in color, it also plays into the color theory that I mentioned earlier. I chose to also change the color of creative, graphic/information design, and my email to emphasis them from the rest of the information.

For my second design, I removed the double border from the first, and then added circles to bring more emphasis to my name, and make the viewers eye go there. I like this more than the first design. Maybe because I like very simple designs sometimes. This looks cleaner to me than the first design.

For my third design I kept the same elements, and rearraged them. I kept playing with them, and this is the best way I found, but I'm still not 100% happy with it, it looks unbalanced to me, and stair-stepy. My name should be moved, or changed, but I didn't like it in the bottom left corner, and that is where my brain keeps trying to put it. I am welcome to any suggestions to make this, or any of my designs better.

My fourth design is a little different than the rest. I know most people don't like tilted text, but I always have, and I wanted one design that featured this. The blocky background is inspired by photos I found on sxc.hu of photocopied sticky notes. It also displays my personal style a little more. I am good at clean, simple designs, but I want to get better at putting my own style into what I am learning in design school. I know the rules, now it is time to bend them when it is apporpriate, and I felt this one design was a great place to start.

I am open to all feedback! Please let me know what you think, and if there are changes you would make. I love learning from a wide range of people, it helps us all grow!


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