Rachel’s Texture Illustrations

Rachel’s Texture Illustrations - student project

I started with the project for the first lesson. I did a series of 3. I really like them. I would like to do three more, but want to do the following lessons first and come back to these. I did choose my own color palette, because I like more muted colors. I hope I created enough contrast. Anyway, I really enjoyed the lesson. I think I am addicted to texture. And I love the texture brushes. 
Rachel’s Texture Illustrations - image 1 - student projectOlives, I chose this one because it’s not a very common illustration we see every day. 
Rachel’s Texture Illustrations - image 2 - student projectGrapes ~ I did this one because I wanted to challenge myself with the grapes, but also cause I wanted a contrasting color to the olives. 
Rachel’s Texture Illustrations - image 3 - student projectPlums ~ I did this one also because it’s not as common of a choice. I also wanted it to coordinate with the other two both in choice and color. Now onto the next lessons. 

Rachel Carlyle Edington
Professional Skillshare and Student of Art