Rachel’s Script Lettering Projects

Rachel’s Script Lettering Projects - student project

Well, first off. I finished my script board. I decided to take it a step further and do it with a mental wellness/self-help theme. Who knows, maybe I will use it for something. I am overjoyed with how it turned out. To start I am just adding this script board, in case anyone needs inspiration. I will add my designs I use from the following prompts and projects as I complete them, so check back. Rachel’s Script Lettering Projects - image 1 - student project
Rachel’s Script Lettering Projects - image 2 - student projectRachel’s Script Lettering Projects - image 3 - student projectThis second project I struggle with to get the background to look right. I ended up doing two versions. The dark blue one is my favorite. Would love to know yours. 

Rachel Carlyle Edington
Professional Skillshare and Student of Art