Race Hound Beer Co.

Race Hound Beer Co. - student project

I've been meaning to name, brand and label my ongoing brewing project for quite some time and this seemed to be a perfect opportunity to do so more than any other.

Race Hound Beer Co. is inspired by my best friend and companion, my retired racing greyhound, Rufus. The project focuses on handcrafted and seasoned small-batch brews, primarily in the Pale Ale, India Pale Ale and Pilsener regions of beermaking. The brew that I've been working on most, as of late, will don Rufus' name and will be the subject of my explorations and work for this project. 

I want it to feel somewhat refined but also retain a lot of the at-home craftsmanship that goes into the brewing itself. This will has the possibility to be brought in on a much larger project and will coexist with a potential cafe/bar/brewery idea that is in the mix and is on it's way to coming to life. That being said, a lot of the design elements have to be both unique and universal enough to be translated into that project further down the line... or perhaps not, it could always live as it's own thing.


Race Hound Beer Co. - image 1 - student project

Thinking about coating the bottle in chalkboard paint, to A) preserve freshness of the beer, kind of like how Delirium coats their bottles in a ceramic coating to protect from sunlight. B) for a nice tactile texture and C) for ease of personalization with just a stick of chalk.. To this idea, some of my sketches will be made with chalk to see how certain designs work in the medium...

Anthony Romano
Senior Designer