Christine Lozada

Ecommerce Consultant at Turnstone



Race Citi Field Spartan

I want to lose 7 lbs.  I want to race the Spartan and hit the rope climb effortlessly.  Between now and race day, I want to do burpees everyday...whether it's a part of the WOD or not.  My project is:

- Working out 5-6 days a week

- Suspension train at least 1 day a week

- Weight train at least 1 day a week

- Aerobic exercise (spin, stair climb, run) at least 2 days a week

- Pole dance (with focus on climbing and flipping) at least 1 day a week

In addition to the above weekly workouts, everyday I will do:

- Burpees

- Planks

- Pushups


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