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I'm not to happy with the end results on this. Digital colouring is not something I'm strong at, and I really should have inked this witha  brush instead of a pen. Still, I like the concept of this piece... I'll work on it some more.

Updated 9 July: inks for the design...

My project focuses on my character, RabbitStar. I've decided to do an homage to the cover of a certain super guy with this shirt project. The sketch I've uploaded is a quick thumbnail sketch so I can get the placing of everything and figure out a bit of how this image will work.

I've also posted one of my previous RabbitStar designs. RabbitStar was inspired by Hoppy The Marvel Bunny and Thunder Bunny. Obscure references, I know, unless you're a major comics geek like me. I thought it would be fun to take something cute (cartoon bunny) and apply it to the super-hero/comic book genre. So far, I've had fun drawing this character.


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