Rabbit Illustration Prep | Skillshare Projects

Emma Catranis

Content Coordinator at Skillshare



Rabbit Illustration Prep

I’m still in the planning phase with my project, but I’ve been sourcing some inspiration so that I’ll be all set to start my illustration!


I started by looking for images of animals that I might be inspired by. I thought this image of a rabbit was especially cute and characteristic, so I’m planning on sketching a few drafts of rabbits in similar poses.




I’ve also selected some shades for my digital color rough using Adobe Color CC (a resource that Vanessa recommends) and I can’t wait to try recreate them with my gouache! I’m planning on drawing my rabbit in just a scarf so that I’ll have plenty of space to work with my main paint color (the rabbit’s fur) and practice pulling the paint from one side of the shape to the other.



Can’t wait to get started!


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