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Based out of Queens, New York, RYE is a company that believes in bringing sustainable clothing to the masses. It is a mix of well constructed staple pieces with a hint of fresh and current design. We do not want to dabble too closely to trends but we do want the everyday consumer to have an inexpensive chance at being as fashionably conscious as they want. 

RYE aims to become a household name and corporation that initially takes one target market and expands into menswear, childrenswear, footwear, etc. Why stop at just one facet of design when the entire world should be able to wear inexpensive and conscious apparel?

Currently in the fashion world, sustainable "green" fashion is approached as a topic to avoid. It is only accomplished greatly by few and those designers are all out of reach for the everyday consumer. RYE hopes to take the trend of disposable clothing and turn it on its head by initiating the idea of recyable apparel. 

Combining quality with reachable prices, RYE hopes to become a frontrunner in a yet established shift of mass produced sustainability. We do not want to become a niche line showing at Fashion Week, but a brand that will escalate and introduce well designed, conscious pieces into everyday wear. 

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