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day #1: Blind contours are always a good idea. There is freedom and less pressure. 


Day #2: Wayy more intimidating. When it comes to self portraits, I would rather do something more like Day 1 because there is more grace for it looking rediculous. I always seem to draw myself looking solomn when I take more time because I am so concentrated. (also with the hair up I look like a boy... :P) I love to pay attention to shadows and shades though! 


Day #3: I was a bit of a ragmuffin as a child. I loved my tomboy, run wild on the farm days with my siblings. Those were the days, right? This exercise was fun! I tend to be a late night drawer, and in this case I felt a little rushed because honestly I forgot about it till I got home tonight and was like, oh yeah I have to do this! (it's great discipline to have this challenge for every day!) Mouths are always harder for me, my gap tooth grin I had back then stuck out nice and bright. I think that if I had given myself more time I could have expanded on the darker shadows to make it pop more. 


Day #4: Nothing like ruining a picture you really like by trying to draw it :P all the self criticism today.


Day #5: Painting in one color with watercolors is fun. But still a bit displeased with the likeness...or lack there of. 


Day #6: what feature is me? It was interesting trying to come to a conclusion by drawing myself a few times and looking back on previous sketches. At this point in life, it's my bangs. They are the most prominent feature on my face, along with my mouth, I find I am often posing with my mouth wide open in a surprised and excited look.  I think as I continure to observe myself and draw myself I will come to a clearer understanding as to what features are really the ones that are most prominent, that make me, me. 


Day #7: This was easier than I had expected. It's great to see how easier simply selfie sketching becomes the more I do it. Novel idea right? ;)


Day #8: Feelings. Today I really was feeling blue. I smashed my thumb because of my stupidity and it's amazing how some physical pain and then a nap can leave you feeling out of it and blue. 


Day #9: I always feel safe in an airport. Amongst all the people going places. What are their stories? I enjoy layovers. Watching the planes come and go, sketching, and striking up conversation with fascinating individuals. 


Day #10: As I reflect. I love the freedom that a blind contour drawing gives. That is why I chose to do my last one in that style, as a semi-blind contour (I did look, but I keep the base and the feel the same). It causes me to take in detail and to really SEE what I am drawing. I like the self portraits of myself that are drawn in this forgiving way, much more than one that I could spend a good amount of time on and able to look. 


Thank you Ria Sharon for giving the opportunity and space to challenge myself in this way!  #RSselfiesketch


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