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RSS reader that doesn't make you feel overwhelmed about not keeping up

Quick points about this RSS reader:

  • The RSS reader you can use once or twice a week
  • Built for users who have between 1 and 20 feeds (limited to 20)


We're super non-power users of RSS and find that it can often be a daunting task to set them up and use them as a source of news/content. We subscribe to a very few RSS feeds and don't use categories so more often then not, a lot of the interface elements are unused.

One of the biggest problems we see with the current RSS feed readers is that, for example, if you only use it once a week, you have a huge build up of articles which you know you can't get through. This makes the user feel overwhelmed and may even discourage the user from reading the articles which might interest him (too many tasks so I go to bed syndrome).

We want to create an RSS reader that assumes a user is only going to use it at MOST once a day, and more often just once or twice a week, yet still font feel bad about missing out on the articles he/she has no time to read.

Here's what we're thinking about this Product at this point:

  •  we have decided there are no categories
  •  only shows top 5-10 stories ordered by time 
  •  user can sort by popularity and reading time
  •  user has overview of timeline
  •  stories collapse when read but stay in their respective place in timeline
  •  like the twitter app, the user holds his place in the timeline in his current session but can choose to add new stories to his "top 10" if new stories are added during that session. 
  • reading page is simple, Top Bar "A" is not visible (a la Medium) but you can get to next article from this page


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