RSS reader for thediplomat

RSS reader for thediplomat - student project

So I was struggling to come up with ideas without a brief of some kind, so I decided to redesign an online publication I enjoy ( based on how I think it could be improved.

First of all some of the articles on this site are HUGE, I mean maybe 5000-6000 words sometimes, which is fine but at times when you're on the run and start reading an article - it can be annoying to have to leave it only a quarter way through. So, I thought it would be really useful to have an estimated read time or word count on the preview to the articles.

Also because of the size of many of the articles, keeping as much of the screen space availible for the body text as possible would really improve the reading speed. So in my designs I wanted to try to keep as much of the navigation hidden by swipe gestures.RSS reader for thediplomat - image 1 - student project

RSS reader for thediplomat - image 2 - student project

As to your critique I've altered the navigation system to make it a completely different interface in landscape mode. In that Interface I've intergrated a live feed of breaking news, different categories and the feed of "book marked" articles for future reading.

RSS reader for thediplomat - image 3 - student project 

Multiple page article layout, slide across on a single block.

RSS reader for thediplomat - image 4 - student project