RSS grid (beta!)

(Note the beta in the title. This is an initial concept that can change!)

I was thinking of having a 3 columns grid of items for tablet upwards. Mobile view would have only a single column for pretty much every screen.

A sticked bottom bar would be available at all times with some navigation icons (only settings, logout) and breadcrumbs.

1. Feed providers
The list of feed providers are divided in a gird of 3 columns.
The grist must have equal height so it's easy in the eye to scan from left to right.

Each node of this grid would contain a "preview" of what's inside: a two columns grid with thumbnails. The node would have a logo or title overlaying it.

I'm inspired by the verge grid layout + digg.com.

2. Articles
Here the grid would drop from 3 columns to 2 columns.
Each node would have a nice typography and/or a media that gets crawled out of the content so you could play straight away.
Clicking in a node brings you to the final screen (and adds to the breadcrumbs at the bottom).

3. Article
Here the grid goes to one column only. The article gets nicely treated so all the clutter gets removed. Kind of like readability.com.

As you can see in the skecthes this was done in just a few minutes during a lunch break. But feedback is welcome! More annotations maybe? different colors? 


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