RSS Sketches

RSS Sketches - student project

Overall concept

My problem with most tablet versions of programs is that they have menus or buttons that you accidently push or select when you are holding the device. I don't particularly love left sided menus because since I'm right-handed, I hold the tablet with my left hand and use my right to select and scroll. My left thumb as a tendency to bump things if they are on the left side, so for my design, I wanted everything to be located on the person's dominate hand side. Other than selecting articles, you shouldn't have to move your hand much. 


The layout is inspired by Flipboard, which I use almost everyday. Instead of the page "flipping" it will be an infinite grid that scrolls to the right. It will have a main image for articles that have one with a bold large title and small snippet of the article. Since lots of articles don't have images, they will be larger headlines with a small snippet. There will be a icon if the article contains a gallery and a video icon if it's a video.

RSS Sketches - image 1 - student project


To minimize hand/wrist fatigue, I'm putting the menu and the scroll on the same side. The menu will pull out from the right side (or the left side if you set it to left-handed mode). To accomplish this, you select the menu tab, hold, and pull to the left to bring out a menu that will

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Splash page / homepage

The home page will be boxes in a grid that scrolls to the right. They are the same items that are in the pullout menu. Click on one and it will bring you to articles in that selection.

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Individual article page

The individual page scrolls down instead of to the right like the rest of the design since right scrolling for pages isn't how we normally read. There is a share icon at the top that will be a dropdown menu of icons for each major social media sharing. Also, it will have a "view on web" button and a go back button.

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Responsive Design IdeasI forsee the desktop version acting much the same but I'm not sure if it should scroll downwards or to the right. The mobile version will be similar, but the menu will pull out to fill the whole screen instead of just part of it. It will probably also scroll to the right since you can just flick your thumb across your screen.

I would love to hear anyone's thoughts, especially opinions about the idea of scrolling on the desktop version.

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Color Layout Concepts:

Folder Feed:

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Pull Out Menu:

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Splash page / home page:

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I would love to know what everyone thinks! Thanks.